SFTec Inc. moving to new office in Montreal, Canada

SFTec Inc. is a professional entrepreneurial company that specializes in the business of composite rebar. They dedicate their expertise to develop innovative technology that can improve the concrete and construction industries by manufacturing FRP rebar, SFT-Bar. The applications of FRP rebar are vast; being used in bridges, barrier walls, decks, marine structures, tunnel segments, and any other concrete-based project that requires reinforcement. 

The multitude of benefits of using FRP rebar in such a variety of projects helps make it a simple choice for engineers looking for a lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly solution for their concrete-based projects. 

The R&D and design of the SFTec branded products is made in Canada (QC), we continue to develop cutting edge product improvement, with testing done in collaboration with leading Canadian universities and institutions.  Our products are manufactured in China by Shandong Safety Industries Co. Ltd., who are leaders in the FRP rebar industry field. 

The SFTec Inc. team is so excited to have found a new home that works for our specific needs where we can serve our clients better. Our new office in Montreal (1425 Trans Canada Highway, suite #020, Dorval QC, Canada, H9P 2W9) will allow us to use our knowledge and expertise to boost our share of the North American market by offering quality construction products. At the pace we are growing, we will be tackling the global market within the next few years. 

If you have any questions about FRP rebar or any of SFTec Inc.’s products, reach out to us here: https://sftec.com/contact/