For Structural Integrity Maintenance

SFT-TwistedBundleFiber have many advantages thanks to their unique properties. In addition to preventing further expansion of concrete structures and helping maintain the structure integrity, this material can prevent cracks as they are spread throughout the concrete evenly which stops microcracks. Consequently, the structure’s longevity is increased and is less susceptible to natural damages caused by water, electricity and corrosion.

twisted bundle fiber

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    Package: 10kg/bag, 10tons/20ft container

    Type IType II
    Material100% Polypropylene100% Polypropylene
    AppearanceTwisted Bundle - Round FiberTwisted Bundle - Flat Fiber
    DimensionLength 54 mm, 48 mm
    Thickness 7mm
    Length 54 mm, 48 mm
    Thickness 7mm
    Tensile> 560 MPa> 560 MPa
    Elastic Modulus> 6500 MPa> 6500 MPa
    Water AbsorptionNoNo
    Acid & Alkali ResistanceYesYes
    Density0.91 - 0.93 g/cm30.91 - 0.93 g/cm3
    Melting Point160 - 170 °C160 - 170 °C
    Ignition Point> 360 °C> 360 °C